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Strategi is a strategic advisory firm with a unique ability to transform visions into reality.

We have a proprietary system that assesses the company, develops a new business model, creates a strategy, executes the plan, and delivers the results.  We advise the company each step along the way.

The result is a company moving from survival to transformational mode, with a clear identity, purpose, and mission and an increase in profits and valuation.

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Strategi works with firms that genuinely want to move into transformational mode. We ask difficult questions and create an environment of honesty by challenging leaders to deal in reality. This leads to the implementation of our proprietary system called Transformational Leadership, which is the engine that drives a company to become a transformational company.

Most companies never achieve this state because they are too busy putting out fires in survival mode. They focus on unrealistic financial goals which creates a sense of panic and a culture of fear. We believe that companies that focus on being great create a positive, creative culture and the financial results will follow. When a company achieves this state they go from managing a crisis and hoping to survive to managing a vision and knowing they will flourish.

Strategi implements our system in all areas of the company. The process of becoming transformational starts at the top and affects all communication which eventually becomes part of the culture. A culture change results in a different mind-set, one focused on becoming great and not on surviving. Soon tangible financial results are evident as the company becomes aligned around a common purpose of becoming a great organization.